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Amethyst Library

Amethyst Library

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Amethyst Library publishes the most comprehensive coverage of the global handbag & footwear scene to date through computer based illustration, an interactive Design Tool divided by silhouettes and components for easy navigation right on your computer.

Amethyst Library is a vectorial database that works in conjunction with Adobe Illustrator and most vector based software applications.

Each handbag and footwear file is created in user-friendly layers. Users can remove each component detail right down to the basic shape. One basic silhouette can take on thousands of additional looks by simply selecting from pre-existing components in the library or by adding in your own unique concepts. Every element of the drawing can be modified or adjusted using the editable points on the silhouette's outline. They can be scaled, skewed, rotated or flipped to the designers liking.

Amethyst Library is the perfect mix of technology and trend, fashion and function, the essential tool for handbag designers and professionals. AL saves designers and industry professionals, countless hours in development, leaving you with time to do what you love best, Create!


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About Our Clients

AL's clients include:


Amethyst Library is proud to serve a broad range of clients worldwide. Designed with you in mind we continue to provide new ways of designing in this fast paced market.


ROI (AL's Return Of Investment)

  • Get thousands of handbag drawings for the cost of a few samples.
  • Increase your productivity, with Amethyst Library, designs can be produced in minutes whereas by hand the process could take hours.
  • AL's computerized drawings offer a higher degree of accuracy than hand drawn sketches, resulting in better communication between designers and manufacturers.
  • Lower your over-head and produce digital handbag designs before investing your dollars in sample development.
  • With AL's high quality CAD drawings you can generate sales instantly!
  • Save time shopping the stores and flipping through magazines. AL's design service is invaluable for forecasting up-and-coming trends through easy to understand illustration.
  • AL is used in conjunction with industry standard programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. (Training material available for purchase.)